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Its still here...
12/01/11 @ 02:28:01 pm, Categories: Blog, 77 words   English (AU)

Hello everyone, i dont know who, if anyone, is still or at all reading this, but its still here and kicking, well lightly jabbing with the big toe anyway.

Big changes since last posting, one being i have a daughter that is now a month old, My son is now 2 and a monkey :) but i love them both to bits :D.

anyway i think thats enough for now just letting you all know im still here..


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Hmmmmm its been a while hasnt it?
23/09/09 @ 02:47:11 pm, Categories: Blog, 110 words   English (AU)

Well i thought after all this time it must need an update for all those that are reading this…

Ok here is the latest:

I have moved from where i was last time i blogged so internet is rather ‘blinky’ to say the least.

My son is developing well and is just over 11 months old :D and is a cheeky little monkey :D

My wife is also doing well and is making use of her time at home while im at work well :) surfing the net and such lol.

all in all its pretty normal here at the moment so there is nothing really to report.

Till next time


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My week
07/11/08 @ 09:04:45 am, Categories: Blog, 208 words   English (AU)

This week so far has been an interesting one to say the least..

My son is just short of being 4 weeks old, and work was a pain in the ass.

While at work this week (and a few days last week) we ran out of Unleaded Petrol.

So you could imagine the ammount of angry customers that i had come through the store, not only that, as the site i work at has a car wash (that keeps breaking down), it was down for most of the weekend. so there where further more angry and annoyed customers :S not exactly the best weekend. but the week sortof made up for that as it was Melbourne Cup week this week and on Tuesday (Cup day which i worked) I didnt have many customers when and after the race was on. Just so you know (if your not from Australia) The Melbourne Cup is the main Horse race of the year (appart from the Caufield Cup) and is a puplic holliday.

Todays shift wasnt too bad as it was raining and windy (expecting gale force winds or harder this weekend) so not overly to many people out and about.

That should do for now ill check back next week.


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My First Entry
28/10/08 @ 01:20:13 pm, Categories: Blog, 193 words   English (AU)

Well this is my first official post here.

Today was an interesting day. Started off with feeding my Newborn son.

We then went down to the local Plaza for breakfast, French toast with banana’s, bacon and icecream.

Then droped my wife and son for their session at the hospital.

While they where there I went to the local opshops to see if there was anything interesting.

Found a few trinkets nothing special.

After that I went back to the hospital to see if the session was over, wasnt so i sat in on the last of it and again fed my son.

We then had a trip to Medicare to get my son put on the medicare card.

Once that was out of the way we went up to see a family friend of my wifes to show her the baby.

stayed there for about an hour and then came back home.

Finaly started putting the finishing touches to this blog and made an update on the pics page to the main site (Check it out here).

That about sums up today might be able to make an entry tomorrow.

Till then,


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First Addition to the Blog
28/10/08 @ 01:03:45 pm, Categories: Blog, 84 words   English (AU)

Hi to all that is reading this.

Firstly i would like to welcome you to this blog.

As this is the first post in this blog its going to have a few things not about my life but they are important.

1) you wont get everything here as i wont know all who read this.

2) with the comments pleae keep them as respectful as possable, if i find any that i find is not repectful it will be removed.

Apart from that happy reading.


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Here is a sneak peek into my life as I will try to keep this as up to date as possable.

Leave comments as you see fit but anything that is inappropriate will be removed.

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