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Breathless (24/6/2008)

Ok time for an Update i guess lol. Sorry for the delay been really busy with the wife preggers and with work reopening a site ive had very little time for much else. But never the less here is a small update into whats been happening here. As promised the Blog im going to have will be up and running hopfully not too long after this is posted and will be fixing the broken links that have developed on the site. If I have the blog set up tonight i will be entering into it todays events and such though its not going to be really exciting as not much happend today been rather stuffed lol. For now thats it hope to have more for you in the upcomming days.



As a request im going to start a blog dont know when but ill see what i can do about it.. if there is enough support behind it ill start one unfortunatly it wont be a daily update but at lest once a week if i can. To give support send me an email (dragongilbert@gmail.com) with 'I want to see a Blog' or 'I dont want to see a Blog' in the subject and leave me a message to tell me why and what kind of content you would like... nothing sexual mind you lol.

Thats all for now ill be making further updates with layout and such later on.


Update: Personal News + Site (20/03/2008)

I have some exciting news for everyone that reads this! firstly i would like to appologise for the lack of updates here as i have been buisy with work and a few other things that have needed my attention. To the news, I am going to be a dad! My wife and I are going to have a child. To answer most of the questions right off, No we dont know how far along she is, No we havent thought of a name as yet, and no we dont want to find out what the sex of the child is till its born. The site, as you might have noticed, has had links removed. As I don't think they will be any use at the present time. The download links will remain off till i get 2 things: A) A better connection for uploading, and B) a propper domain. Till then they will be down, if you would like to see some for of downloading from here then please leave a message for me either in the forums or by email and ill see what I can do. Till the next update, Anthony (DDragon)

Update: Pictures + Contact information.

Hi after a while of waiting I have been able to do a few updates to the site. The contact information has been updated compleatly so you can always contact me whether I am offline or online. The pictures section will go through an overhaul pretty soon adding to it my wedding pictures and a few misc pictures I have on my PC.

If you want to see anything on here that I can legaly put up here (by legaly I mean I have got permission from the person(s) to use their content or their work on here) then let me know and I will get it on here ASAP

For now thats it,

Anthony (DDragon).

Update: New Additions

I have made afew changes to the site since I first put it up on the internet. Those of you that have been following its progress may have noticed a change in the menu apperance and how it works, and also with that, the menu seems to have an issue with FireFox which im going to fix as soon as I know how! I have also added some downloads namely for testing but will remain there when im finished, as I feel they might be of some use to everyone. I have also added a page for some of my writings that I have done over the years, I hope you like them. I have also added more channels I am in on the Contact Me page.

I hope you enjoy the menu system and how it works and the new pages I have added.

Anthony (DDragon).

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