My Writings:

* I will inform you that there are a few Untitled works here as i cannot find a name for them. If you think you can come up with an appropriate name for the work please share it with me and (if it is deemed appropriate) I will name it and place your name alongside myown under the work for the assistance.

Happy Reading.

List of my writings:


Deep within you lies the key to my locked heart,

There for you to take when you feel the time is right,

Open the door many have faild to open before,

Take the path where noone has set foot.....

The path to my soul.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved

The Cycle:

Inspiration not only comes from the heart,

It comes from those you love around you.

The urge to kill comes from the insanity the drives you,

The way you care is the way you live,

To live life to the fullest,

Is to empty it though death.

© DDragon 2003 All rights reserved

* Untitled:

In life we die,

In spirit we watch,

In love we live on

To the ones we care for

Till the ends of time.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved

* Untitled:

We cry in unheard voices for those we love,

We die for these we care,

We move on knowing they are safe.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved

Eternal Bonds:

Those we feel but cannot touch,

Those we love but cannot show,

These words we cry into the light

of the sun & moon to cast a shadow

to watch over the one we

carefor in mind & soul.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved

* Dragon Flight:

High above the couds I glide,
Wings streched to their full length,
Away from humans I try to hide,
Hiding for fear of my life.

I see their war,
I see their hate,
I feel their life walking out the door,
I feel the way they make it sore.

I wonder what happend to times past,
I hope that we will once again be free,
Free from our exile at last,
Free to share what we see, taste & feel.

The life I feel begins to fade
To the darkness of death,
The life in which I made,
Friendship is something I hold dear,

If not for that,
I would not be here.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved

Pain of Life:

Look to your heart,

What did you find,

All the pain & suffering throughout time,

The depths of you're soul are calling,

To those that are still burning,

Burning with loss & a desire,

A desire only to add to the fire,

A regret at a lost love,

A relief to find them happely in love.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved

Life of Mortals:

Lost in the wind,
Are the stories of time,
Cries for help,
Evil deeds & souls of those long forgotten.

Keeping the faith are those who trust,
They who use the force of will over
the voice of hatred.

Those that defend by the sword,
And those that kill by it.

In turn that's the cycle of life
In the realm of mortals.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved

Lies and Deciet:

Cast your shadow,
so all can see
what lies you have cast
upon me.

The darkness consumes you,
Blocks out all light,
You scream & yell & try to fight.

Rocking backwards & forward,
Trying to bear it,
wanting nothing more but
to scare it.

The source unknowen but
seen by all,
Everyone seeing you
rise then fall.

Sucseed with life then find you
have failed with everything else.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved


Nothing to gain,
Nothing to lose,
Its getting harder to choose.

A leap of faith is all it
To find the answer to you're

Follow the wind,
Follow you're heart,
Keep your cool,
Or end up back at the start.

Heed these words,
Thses word sI have said,
The final words I
keept in my head.

Tell them how you feel,
Let them know how much you trust,
Do it now you know you must.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved

Myth & Legend:

A new day,
New beginins,
Old saysing phased out
by the new.

Running around
the old castels &
caves wondering about
times long past.

Lust for the thrill
of the hunt, the rush
of wings, screams of fright

Is this all that
Dragon's are to
the Human race?
The beasts of "Myth & Legend".

The one thing these
Humans shouldent fear
is the ONE thing
they fear the most.

The beeings that
where sent to protect them.

The Dragon Race.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved

Angel Song:

Crushed feelings,
Sluggish thoughts,
Wanting so bad to see the eyes
with the colour of deep sea.

With every beat of my heart,
With every burst of strength,
I only want to see her happy
the only way it's supposed to be.

The love of a million years,
The hate of a billion more,
Feeling like I need to settle a score.

To fel her body against mine,
To kiss her lips so tender and fine.

Only to find i;ve been dreaming
all along,
I'd fallen asleep while
listening to her song.

© DDragon 2003 all rights reserved


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